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DeafConnect seeks to make the Mid-South a more accessible place to the Deaf community. We achieve this mission through teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to the public regardless of their educational background. The classes are designed to take you from no or minimal knowledge about ASL to comfortably holding conversations with Deaf people.

Our classes are taught through immersion. For us, that means three things: the instructor is a culturally Deaf person who is natively fluent in ASL, we strongly discourage speaking during class time, and written English is kept to a minimum. This arrangement is challenging, but research shows that this is the most effective way of learning a languageand ASL is just as complex as any other language.

Our alumni tend to become advocates for the Deaf community and use their knowledge to become effective communicators with deaf and hard of hearing people, whether they are customers, friends, family, or random strangers. We are so excited that you are interested in exploring this beautiful world of Deaf culture and ASL with us. More logistical information about the classes is below.

  • NOTE: Signing up places you on a waitlist. Only after payment is received will you be registered for an ASL class. Please also note that class size is limited.
  • Family Sign Classes
    • This class is for those who have a Deaf or Hard of Hearing family member who wishes to learn Deaf culture and how to better communicate through sign language.
    • Prerequisites: No experience needed, merely a Deaf family member
    • Times: 1st and 3rd Saturday from 11:00 am–1:00 pm February through April 
    • Required materials: None
    • Cost: $25 per family
  • ASL 1 Class
    • The ASL 1 class is an introduction to the world of American Sign Language. The course includes introducing oneself, exchanging personal information, discussing living situations, talking about family, telling about activities, and storytelling. The focus is on building foundational vocabulary and grammar, conversational techniques, and an introduction to Deaf culture. Our goal is for students to achieve ACTFL’s novice level (low or mid).
    • Prerequisites: None, but completion of high school is encouraged
    • Times: Mondays from 6:00–8:00 pm January 27–April 27, 2020 
    • Required materials: American Sign Language Phrase Book by Lou Fant
    • Cost: $40 per student, $30 per textbook
  • ASL 1.5-2 Class
    • The ASL 1.5-2 class focuses on reviewing and expanding the lessons from ASL 1. The course includes describing people and things, making requests and asking for advice, describing places, giving opinions about others, discussing plans and goals, and storytelling and fables. Our goal is for students to raise their skills by two ACTFL sublevels (ending at novice high or intermediate low).
    • Prerequisites: ASL 1 or some basic sign vocabulary
    • Times: Mondays from 3:00–5:00 (day) or 6:00–8:00 pm (night) January 27–April 27, 2020 (night class no longer offered)
    • Required materials: Signing Illustrated: The Complete Learning Guide by Mickey Flodin (day class)A Basic Course in Sign Language by Tom Humphries (night class)
    • Cost: $40 per student, $18 per textbook (day) or $30 per textbook (night)
  • ASL 3 Class
    • The ASL 3 class focuses on advanced topics in ASL and Deaf culture, and emphasizes conversational ability in real-world contexts. Our goal is for students to raise their skills by two ACTFL sublevels (ending at intermediate mid or high).
    • Prerequisites: ASL 2 or permission from the instructor
    • Times: Tuesdays from 4:00–6:00 pm January 27–April 27, 2020 
    • Required materials: Signing Naturally, Units 7–12 Workbook (2014 edition) by Ella Mae Lentz & Ken Mikos
    • Cost: $40 per student, $70 per textbook
  • Important information:
    • Payment: You may pay in person, by phone, or by mail with cash, credit, check or money order. Payment is expected before the first class unless an exception has been made in advance.
    • Capacity: The capacity for any section is 20 students. We fill these spots on a first-come, first-served basis. The beginning ASL sections tend to fill the fastest. The more advanced courses normally have available seats at the end of registration.
    • Location: All classes are held at DeafConnect. Our address is 6045 Shelby Oaks Drive, Memphis, TN 38134.
    • Registration: Fill out the form below to register for the class. You will be placed on the waitlist until we receive payment, so please send us your payment as soon as possible.
    • Additional questions: Email Allison:

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